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    World Two is the exact opposite of One. It's constantly hot and sandstorms are not uncommon. Shelter is hand built, and there are no building. Most live in burrows under the ground, where it is cool and protected from the three sun's rays. That's right, three suns. Each larger than the other creating unbearable heat. Clothing is made of light silk and covers the entire body. Despite the heavy coverage the silk is special and helps cool the body against the scorching weather. Food is scarce but not completely hard to find. Most of it you have to dig for, as it lays under tons of sand, but the result is worth the labour. A certain fruit that looks like a large turnip and is heavily supplied with a refreshing naturally cold juice and soft outside that tastes sweet.
    BEWARE! For there are decoy fruits that are actually a venomous desert crab, if they spit on any part of you, you have a slim chance of survival. The only cure being the crab itselfve's eye, which is covered in it's spiky insides and tough to get. Once you've obtained the eye, you must eat it, or you will die a slow and painful death, the poison making your flesh feel like it's being burned off and your muscles ripped fiber by precious fiber, your bones feeling like shards of glass against your body, following with hallucinations that make you only pray you would just die quickly.
    Often ridden for transportation is a large six legged lizard, having smooth skin that only heats up slightly. It is hard to tame, but once you have, it will be forever loyal, and often help find resources. The lizard's name is 'Akul', these lizards have been in this World for many millennia. They are about the size of a full grown bull, and are strongly built, able to run for thousands of miles without the need of water or food.

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