Land of Lost

This is a place where EVERYONE can roleplay, whether you rp a wolf, horse, dragon, human, angel, fallen angel, demon, fairy or whatever it is you like to roleplay, you are welcome here, all I ask is you follow the rules. And don't complain about the theme



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    World four is a giant airborne rock, with a city of white metal and floating roads, seeming very futuristic. Most choose to stay here due to the food, which is nothing in particular but everything you'd want. It seems to come on demand rather than having to hunt endlessly for it. Technology is a big part of this World, and the medical assistance is above a five star rank. But there is a certain danger one must be cautious of, below the city, in the depths of the floating rock lies a dragon, ready to pop it's head out of the ground and destroy anything if it is disturbed,

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