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This is a place where EVERYONE can roleplay, whether you rp a wolf, horse, dragon, human, angel, fallen angel, demon, fairy or whatever it is you like to roleplay, you are welcome here, all I ask is you follow the rules. And don't complain about the theme



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    World Three is odd to say the least. Often called a technicolour crack island. It's surrounded by green water that seems to glow even in broad daylight, but is not toxic. In fact the water is probably the freshest in existence, and is in fact magickal. You can tell the water to heat or cool and it will do your bidding. The ground of the island changes colour everyday and is full of luscious soft grass. But be warned, one second you could be sitting peacefully, relaxing in the planet's warm rays, and the next the ground could throw you up in the air like a ball. This whole island is enchanted with strange life, and when not trying to do serious work, can be fun. And no, I did not mistake planet for 'sun', the planet is the sun. Fesfar is a large blue planet with three green rings surrounding it, creating a warm temperature during day, and glowing for light during the night.
    The island has a plentiful abundance of food, including sweet fruit, spicy vegetables, and animals that are covered in meat that would make good for anything. The weapons are usually arrows, but many have made or brought their own weapons.
    Houses are on the further side of the island, leaving one side for a city, and the other for nature and hunting.
    You remember that water I was talking about? Well, it's not completely harmless, for in it's depths lies a strange tiger-like serpent, big enough to swallow a human whole and covered in poisonous threads. It can be slayed, but usually comes to life eventually. The serpent's name is Ganckt, and is fabled to be the immortal sea's key, hence it's repeated lives. Many believe it sacred, and for the most part it will only attack if it feels threatened.

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