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This is a place where EVERYONE can roleplay, whether you rp a wolf, horse, dragon, human, angel, fallen angel, demon, fairy or whatever it is you like to roleplay, you are welcome here, all I ask is you follow the rules. And don't complain about the theme



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    Welcome to Land of Lost, an rpg forum for anyone who likes to roleplay, whether you rp a horse/equine, human, angel, demon, dragon, mermaid, fairy, or whatever it is you enjoy roleplaying as, you are welcomed here, even if all you want to do is read the threads and not roleplay at all. All that is required is you follow these rules. (Please excuse any mistakes in grammar, I do not originally speak English although I can speak it well enough.)

    No power playing! You can not decide what other people's characters do! You may not say "-His hand cut her throat, killing her instantly" or "His words soothed her." you MUST give the other person a chance to respond. So for example, instead you would say, "He reached his hand out, attempting to kill her in one swipe." or "His words were soothing, but he wondered if they would have effect on her."

    No spam! It is understanable if you didn't notice your reply had sent through and kept trying to send, I will try to delete repeats if you tell me you have made a mistake. Anyone caught spamming will be warned to stop, if they do not they will be banned.
    Please keep text talk to a minimum. (B3cuz u s0und rlly supid liek dis.)

    You must do a character registration. If you have not completed a character registration you will not be allowed to start roleplaying, as soon as your registration has been approved you may start roleplaing as you wish, but only when the reply says approved.

    We do allow cussing/swearing/bad words, if you do not like that maybe you shouldn't register here. All we ask is you do not drop the f bomb between every second word, (example: Fuck you fucking stupid fucking bastard and fuck your family too, I fucking hate you.) really, that just makes you sound quite gauche and as if you have no proper sense of grammar. If your character speaks like that normally, you have to include it in your character registration. Also, no cussing people out for no reason.

    No rape/sexual harrassment roleplay, anyone who does this will automatically be banned, you can joke about it as long as it's all in good humor and everyone is laughing, if someone takes it seriously you will be asked to stop, if you don't you will be banned,.

    You are allowed to have wives/husbands, girlfriends/boyfriends, and children in this rp, all we ask is that everything graphic such as intimacy and child birth stay in private chat between the participants of said act. Roleplaying intimate acts publically will get you banned, no exceptions. Kissing is fine and hugging/cuddling, but we trust you know what is too much. Yes, you may have gay relationships.

    Unless given permission by both administers and the OC's owner, you are not allowed to kill other OC's. You must first conact both administers and the owner of said OC and have written permission. You are allowed to kill your own character, but no suicide, self sacrifice for a decent reason is fine, but flat out suicide just makes you look like an attention whore.

    Once you register your character the forum does not claim copyright to it, you are permitted to take the character out whenever you please and you still own all rights to your character and are responsible for said character's actions. If you have taken a character out and wish to register them again you will be required to fill out the character registration form again.
    You are allowed to spar/fight here.

    Your replies/starters must be more than four sentences, this is a full rpg site. The only exception is a fight, in which case replies should be attack/defense by attack/defense. You may not decide what another person's character does, whether it be a fight or normal rp.

    After a fight if you have gained permission to kill and have done said act, you are allowed to take trophies such as the skull of said character, jewels, weapons, ect. But no taking the full corpse or dragging the body around as a victory.

    If you have had a character killed or killed them off yourself, you can bring them back. In this forum you have what are called 'Life Matter', each person get s a total of five Life Matter stones when they register, but only five, this is not five per character. Each time you want to bring a character back you must post a new topic of it. Bringing your character back takes a total of one Life Matter stone. How your character reacts to the stone is completely up to you. After all your stones are used you can send a message to an administer for more, but only if you are out completely. You will have to wait a total of one day after your request, after which you will be given another five stones. You may not give stones to other characters or members.

    As soon as you are registered your character moves to First World, this is where every character starts out. You may request to be moved to the next World as soon as you get to the first by posting a new topic in First World, but you may not skip or go back and forth. (Example: no going straight from First World to Fourth World, and no going back and forth.) However this doesn't mean you can't switch at all or visit worlds. It only means you must decide where you want your character, you are allowed to switch, but not every hour or month, day, ect.

    If your character is visiting another World, they may not simply go unnoticed, you are required to post a new topic announcing your characters arrival. I don't give a rat's ass if your character is trying to stay hidden, the character you are hiding from must understand you are hiding and you must state that are hiding from them in the thread, after which they will be expected to leave your character alone unless you state that they are suppost to find you.

    In each World you are each given your own home. You must create a new post describing your home so that anyone visting by knows where they are roleplaying. You may not create expensive luxury houses without administer permission, just so we can keep it all fair and keep everything in check. We usually do not deny or decline luxury houses, we only want to know what you are asking to create, once you have described this home you will be approved and allowed to roleplay in it.

    Seasons change every month. We will post a new thread every month describing how the season's days are. (IE whether it will be a harsh Winter or extremely hot Summer.) If you're confused about which season it is, just look at the forum titled with a season's name and read it. There will be a new topic every month for the season, so there will be no old seasons to get confused with.

    You may not build gangs, groups, businesses, empires, ect. within the first week of your registration. After the first week is over, you may contact the admins with the description of what you wish to build or groups you would like to create, usually we approve them. You are allowed to create your own rules in your empire/business/group ect. as long as you still follow these rules.

    Please read the description of each World. You may not simply create a tree in a World where it is desert, you must follow the description of the World. If your character uses magick or something related, you are allowed to 'create' trees, caves, ect. as long as you do not leave them there, you must remove them at some point.

    No bullying other members, I don't care about your opinion of what they roleplay as, this forum is for everyone who wishes to roleplay, you cannot pick on them just because they roleplay something you wouldn't.
    No discrimination, hate threads, racism, pornography, ect.

    If you are using a layout for your replies, using an avatar created by someone else, using someone else's art, ect. you MUST have the artist's permission and credit them either in your signature or somewhere on your profile. If you do not know who the artist is, ask me, I know a lot of artists out there, if there is no artist found, at least put a link or say where you found the picture. This is so we do not have art theft, and everything is credited. If you see your work being used here, please notify an admin and we wll take care of it.

    You are allowed to have as many characters registered as you please, but please try to use them all.

    If you will be offline for a long time for holidays, to visit family, an emegancy, ect., please contact an admin so we know who will not be posting and so there is no one angry or left without an explaination of your absence.

    Do not argue with admins, especially me, there are only a few people who can actually win an argument with me, so don't waste your breath.
    I speak many languages, my first being Swedish, so I will most likely be able to read any nasty talk about admins, any threads that break rules, ect. so don't even try.

    These rules should be easy enough to follow, if you do not understand a rule, please contact an admin.
    By registering your character or registering as a member you are agreeing to these rules.[list=1][*][center]

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